What to bring & Not to bring

*Clothing for working in the tropics.
Please no short shorts, low cut tops or tank tops. Comfortable, but modest is best.
*Personal hygiene products: soap, shampoo, deodorant, towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, feminine products, razor.
*Bug spray (Cutter’s or Deep Woods Off) mosquito net (available at a discount store).
*Personal medications with backup supply.
*Spending money.
*Baby wipes – This is quick and easy way to freshen up!
*Reading materials, Bible, games, etc.
*Snack foods for personal use, dried fruits, nuts, crackers, etc. (candy will melt)
*Church clothes, dresses or skirts for women, dress slacks for men.
*The local churches would like girls in skirts and guys in slacks when doing ministry!
*Sunscreen, sunglasses and hat. Please take this seriously!
*Hand towel or dish towel. Good to put under hats to protect the back of your neck.
*Your own water bottle to refill each day with filtered water, for when you are away from the camp.
*Shoes-2 pairs, ones you can walk well in and won’t mind getting dirty.
*PASSPORT! (No Pasport No Entry)

*Lack of flexibility and a poor attitude.
*No alcohol or smoking while on the trip.

DRUGS that may be offered by Locals
You really do not want to be in a presion in a foreign country.¬† This would be a bad thing.¬† In short, don’t do stupit stuff!

Extra Things To Bring

The small personal hygiene items or sample sized bottles and packages. You can sometimes get donations from hotels. Also don’t forget toothbrushes, toothpaste and children’s vitamins.

Tennis balls are BIG! You can go to a Tennis shop and often they have old balls that are not good any longer for Tennis but are good for the kids to play games with.

Bed sheets and towels! Single beds or full bed set-ups. These items are quite expensive and even yard sale bed sheets and blankets are fine as long as they are clean!

Many families need things to cook in, Fry pans, cooking pots for soups or rice or beans, Cooking utensils like soup ladles-stirring spoons-slotted and solid serving spoons, etc.

Any small stuffed toys are always great for the children and they pack around and in many items to fill in the suitcases.

Any extra toys that can be brought down will be put aside for Christmas so we can give something out to the families that we feed here….the kids get nothing and a toy wrapped up is a really special thing to these kids!

Neat things to bring and do:

Here is a gift idea for the people you will befriend on the mission field. Every trip you will make a special friend before you they leave and it is nice to give them something personal. This does not need to cost a lot of money.

Before you go on your trip go to one of the “Mart” stores and pick up some of the following.

A cheap watch.
A nice pair of scissors  (pack the scissors in your suitcase)
A nice brush and comb set

Nothing is more personal than the person you give the watch to see you take it off your wrist and put it on theirs. It is a truly cherished gift to the person you give it to.

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