Shorts may be worn while traveling to and from your destination, work site, motel grounds and on beach day. Exceptions may be made as special opportunities arise and it is determined by leadership that shorts would be the proper attire Shorts must meet the host countries standard, that is appropriate in length, modest in fit, no cut offs and NO SHORT SHORTS!

Please, no spaghetti string or strapless tops. Remember the heat. You need shirts that are loose fit and modest. Please, no see-through shirts. Plain shirts or shirts with Christian symbols or messages are fine. In fact, pack some of your older shirts and give them away before you leave. That leaves more room to pack souvenirs.

Hats may be worn outside as protection from the sun. Certain symbols/messages are NOT acceptable. Ask if you are not sure. Hats may NOT be worn in church services (Note: they may be easily misplaced or lost).

Comfortable walking shoes are vital. A spare pair is also recommended. No dress shoes are needed. Tennis shoes are wonderful.

Watches and rings are permitted. However, if they are valuable, you may consider leaving them at home. Ladies must NOT wear an excessive amount of jewelry. Less is BEST! It must be conservative in style. Single earring per ear, small in size.

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