Fundraising is the worse thing about doing missions. When I was a youth pastor, I hated handling the money!  In fact, I always had others deal with the money because I never wanted anyone to be able to raise questions about where the money went.  This also is why Mission Trips LLC does not take Project Money!  All project money must be hand carried to the mission field.  Doing it this way, the team knows where every dime goes!

Sorry back to Fundraising. When I came across Mission Minder, I thought this would work for Mission Trips to use.  After I did some research, I think this is better to be done my the Group.  I have known the people behind Mission Minder for many years.  They are good people and you can trust them.

The cool thing about this system is you set up your team members and you can give them a page that is web based so they can post it on their Facebook and send a link to all of there friend and family.  This takes Fundraising to the Internet level!

The best part is every dime is recorded, and you get a excel spreadsheet showing who has raised what and who gave.  The fee is very low to the church or group and most of the cost is in Credit card transaction fees that is not out of line!

You can try it FREE for 30 days!   Don’t like it? It does not work for you?  OK…  Don’t use it and BOOM “Don’t Pay”!

If you do not use this you are mission out a something that may make car washes obsolete!  I am not sure about you but my last years as a youth pastor I would just donate the $37.50 and no have the car wash!

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Here are the types of Mission Trips that can do? We can do a Custom mission trip or Custom mission trips. Short-Term Mission Trip, Short-Term Mission Trips. A ShortTerm Mission or ShortTerm Missions. With 6 or more people we can do Family mission trip, Family mission trips.

We also do with 6 or more people college student mission trips or just one college student mission trip not excluding spring break mission trips or a spring break mission trip. Yes we do small group mission trip 6 or more people and small group mission trips.

We do a Custom mission trip to Trinidad, Jamaica, Guyana and Ecuador. W do Custom mission trips to Trinidad, Jamaica, Guyana and Ecuador. We do college student mission trip to Trinidad, Jamaica, Guyana and Ecuador along with college student mission trips to Trinidad, Jamaica, Guyana and Ecuador.

We also do trips to orphanages in Trinidad, Jamaica, Guyana and Ecuador. Your team can work in orphanages in Trinidad, Jamaica, Guyana and Ecuador. We also do trips to do Kids ministry in orphanages located in Trinidad, Jamaica, Guyana and Ecuador. – Helping Small and Large Groups Fulfill the Great Commission! We are a Sending Organization! We come alongside local pastors to support their ministries by sending teams to partner with the local church. We are NOT part of any denomination. Our teams go to serve Jesus Christ and the name on the door does not matter!