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The people of Guyana are seeking God now more than ever. They are thirsting and have a hunger for God in the sea of Hindus and Muslims.

It is the only English speaking country in South America.This is a large country with a small population of 750,000, mainly of African and East Indian descent.

Teams can be involved in Evangelism in Hindu and Muslim areas, street evangelism, evangelism in the prisons, hospital, marketplaces. Indoor and outdoor crusades, house to house ministries, construction teams to build churches, clinics, orphanages etc, we also have medical outreach teams and youth outreach team.

The team will also visit the tropical rainforest and bath in the massive rivers that gave Guyana its name of the Land of Many Waters.

Guyana mission trip is not one of our Extreme or Remote trips. On a scale of 1 – 5 with 1 being an easy trip and 5 being a hard trip Guyana is a 4. Out staff will prepare all meals and we will make sure you have good water. The hotels are very good.

From the airport you have a 6 hour ride on flat land to Corriverton. Corriverton borders Suriname. It will not take you long to note the breeze that is blowing all the time.

Guyana is a wonderful country. Most people don’t really know where it is. Guyana is bordered on the north by the Atlantic Ocean, on the east by Suriname, on the south by Brazil, and on the west by Brazil and Venezuela. The people of Guyana are very nice and are warm to outsiders. The pace of life is slow and easy. Don’t get in a hurry here.. Well it does not matter if you do, now one else will.

The best time to visit Guyana may be at the end of either the rainy season, in late January or late August. Some locals recommend mid-October to mid-May, which may be wet, but not as hot.

The local taxis are a trip in themselves!

There’s always room for one more!

Guyana is like no other mission field in this area of the world. You have English speaking people that are very nice. Where are teams go “Corriverton” is deep in the East Indian population of Guyana. In some aspects you may think you are in India. Evangelism to the Hindu and Muslim community is one of our main drives. It is amazing to look over the country side and see the rice fields and cocoanut trees.

Here you see two school friends. One a Christian and one a Muslim. This photo is Guyana!

Guyana is often referred to as the land of six peoples, reflecting the multi-ethnic composition of its population. The largest ethnic group is the East Indians (about 5l percent), descendants of indentured laborers from India, followed by the Africans (38 percent). The other ethnic groups are the Chinese, the Europeans (mostly Portuguese) and the Amerindians. The Portuguese came as indentured laborers from Madeira, the Azores and the Cape Verdes. During the colonial era, they were regarded as a separate group from the other Europeans (mainly British), no doubt because of their origins as indentured laborers. This practice underlines the notion of six peoples. There is also a large racially mixed group.

There was some geographical separation, the Indians staying mainly in the rural areas, the Africans going to the cities. There was also functional separation, the Indians remaining on the plantation as sugar workers and dominating the rice industry, the African going into the civil service and the professions and as workers in urban industries and bauxite, the Portuguese and the Chinese in commerce, the Amerindian mainly in the interior. But in the last thirty years, there has been increasing integration. Large numbers of Indians have settled in the cities, entered the civil service and the professions, taken clerical jobs. Indeed, as has been argued before, the increasing integration may paradoxically have created new stresses as there is more direct competition and the races mix more intimately and freely.”

This 7 day trip is $550 – $650 per person.
This is a package price and includes your travel days.

The price range depends on the hotel type you choose.  All hotels have A/C and hot water.  You have your choice of our mid-range hotel and our budget hotel.  This is like Econo Lodge Vs Motel 6.  Below are photos of two of the hotels we contract to show you the difrence. We have five hotels that we contract with so this is just to give you an idea of what is what.

If you want to go on more of an adventure, then go on our Orealla Jungle Trip! This trip takes you inside of Guyana on a 3 hour boat ride upriver. No roads, running water, electricity.  You are deep in the mission field where you will bath in the river and sleep in hammocks. This will be a trip that you will tell your grandchildren!

Mid-Range Hotel

Budget Hotel

Additional Info

Trip costs include: This will cover three meals per day, accommodations, transport from and to the airport and transport on a daily basis to and from the areas of ministry. Teams will fly into Georgetown.

Standard Accommodations – The hotel of choice in Corriverton Guyana.

Teams must be prepared to minister for the duration of the trip. Testimonies, puppets, drama, mime, preaching and teaching will have to be prepared to communicate cross-culturally. Light to heavy construction trips are available with additional funds for materials. All teams are expected to bring project money.

Because of the sensitivity of the culture and the years of groundwork that has been laid for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Mission Trips LLC reserves the right to refuse our services to any particular team. The final say is the local pastors or organization that will receive the team.

Not included: Airfare, additional entertainment not included in the trip, additional drinks or food in addition to what is normally provided, soda and snacks purchased during travel or in villages, shopping expenses. The departure tax is now included in the cost of your airfare!


A valid U.S. passport is required for U.S. citizens to enter and depart Guyana. The departure tax is now included in the cost of your airfare!

Please note: Guyanese law dictates that Guyanese children can only be adopted by a person domiciled in Guyana; a Guyanese national resident outside Guyana; or a former Guyanese national who has acquired, by registration or other voluntary and formal act (including marriage), the citizenship of another country. Non-Guyanese nationals who are not domiciled in Guyana cannot adopt Guyanese children.

Your trips adventure begins in the trips to the city of Corriverton.  From Georgetown, it is only 108 miles to Corriverton.  This should take 3 hours.  Not in Guyana.  It is a flat road!  No hills or winding curves!  What is the issue?  “Donkeys” Look out they are walking around all over.  This plus you will need to take a ferry to cross the river.  If you time this wrong, you will have a long wait.  The trip could take 5 hours.

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