HELP!  Church Roof Cave-in

Church with bad roof

The roof before it collapsed

After they removed the roof and had to tear down the walls.

After they removed the roof and had to tear down the walls.

The New Dawn Deliverance Christan Center, a small Church of God Church, is in severe need.  The roof was very old and it collapsed. Thankfully no one was injured.  They also found the walls were not safe and had to take them down.  This church needs to be totally rebuilt from the ground up!

The Slab will be about $650  and the Framework will cost $800, and the Roof will also cost around $800.  The total cost for the church rebuild will be $2250 – $2500 total

Think about it $3000 project money can put up a new Church in Jamaica!  

This can be done in three steps or one church conference could get three or, four teams, to go back to back to complete the work. Right now they are meeting in the Little Angel School that is also in need of repair.  The need is great here!

If you would like to donate to this church project go to the Go Fund ME page that I have set up below.

Nursery Needs Repair and Walkway

The Little Angel School is a Nursery school that takes kids from 1 to 6 year old.  They need to have a cover built in front and around the side of the building.  The bathroom is in the back and they must go out the front to go to the bathroom.  When it rains, this is a big problem.

They are also in need to add on to the school.  The government wants them to take in more kids.  They just do not have the room.

House Kitchen Needs Repair

House Kitchen Needs Repair.  This is detached and no way to keep the rain out.  This is for a family of 7  Kids age range 2+ years to 13.

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