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In Jamaica we work with a very reputable non-profit charitable organization that is centered around the emotional, physical and spiritual development of our people, thereby preparing individuals for committed service to God and Country. “Help a life today, save tomorrows generation.”

We are honored to come alongside with this organization and give them support by bringing them mission trams for projects and other ministries!

The typical mission trip is 7 days but you can add more days to your trip if needed. This is for groups of 6 or more. Some of the things your group could do are Construction, Painting, Clean-Up, Vacation Bible Study, Street Evangelism, Musical Program, Puppet Shows, Tract Distribution, Door to Door Visitation, Youth Camp, Deaf School, Orphanage, Church Ministry you pick how you are going to share Jesus.  WE DO CUSTOM MISSION TRIPS!

It is an English speaking country and is hungry for the Gospel. This is one of the best entry level mission trips available. Jamaica is more 3rd world than Trinidad. The official language of Jamaica is English, spoken in proper fashion with a uniquely Jamaican accent. But the language of the streets is patois. This musical dialect is a combination of English, Spanish, Portuguese, African phrases and a good dose of Jamaican slang. Spoken in a sing-song style, the result is as exotic as any foreign language. Jamaican patois is a fascinating use of the language. With patois, “You get more mileage out of your tongue,” one Jamaican explained to us.

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Deer Run Mission trip to Jamaica

Here is the highlight video from our mission trip to Jamaica!

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This 7 day trip is $500 per person.
This is a package price and includes your travel days.

The price does not include airfare from and to your destination. The trip includes a shopping/sight seeing day. The teams will fly in to Kingston or Montego Bay Airport and will travel to Mandeville and stay in the Mission Dorms.  Photos of the dorms are below.

Additional Info

Trip costs include: This will cover three meals per day, accommodations, transport from and to the airport and transport on a daily basis to and from the areas of ministry. Teams will fly into Kingston or Montego Bay Airport. It is No Problem mon! The drive time from Kingston to Mandeville is 3 hours and from Montego Bay to Mandeville is 4 hours.

Standard Accommodations –  We have dorms located in Mandeville.

Teams must be prepared to minister for the duration of the trip. Testimonies, puppets, drama, mime, preaching and teaching will have to be prepared to communicate cross-culturally. Light to heavy construction trips are available with additional funds for materials. All teams are expected to bring project money.

Because of the sensitivity of the culture and the years of groundwork that has been laid for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Mission Trips LLC reserves the right to refuse our services to any particular team. The final say is the local pastors or organization that will receive the team.

Not included: Airfare, additional entertainment not included in the trip, additional drinks or food in addition to what is normally provided, soda and snacks purchased during travel or in villages, shopping expenses. The departure tax is now included in the cost of your airfare!


A valid U.S. passport is required for U.S. citizens to enter and depart Jamaica. The departure tax is now included in the cost of your airfare!

Please note: With more than 200 persons waiting to adopt Jamaican children, chairperson of the Adoption Board Patricia Sutherland has declared that foreigners seeking to adopt locally will be placed at the back of the line. The offical statment from Jamaican goverment: “Our Jamaican children who have a need to be adopted will always be able to find a home in Jamaica,”

What’s Next?
Pray! Fill out the online Signup form. Mail in your application fee. Start filling out an Emergency Release And Right Of Representation Form for every team member and send them in. Please make all checks out to Mission Trips LLC. The state of Florida requires all companies selling any form of travel be Licensed, Bonded and Insured,  We fully comply with the regulations of the State of Florida. Our mailing address is below.

Check with your airlines you may only let you check ONE SUITCASE for Free! DON’T over pack.? Do NOT OVERPACK! A suitcase MUST NOT weigh over 50 lbs! Overweight suitcase could cost $100 to $200 each and that is Both ways! Contact your airline for their specific rules!

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