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All Trips Require a Valid Passport!

Travel Insurance is a must-have for every short-term mission team member. The cost is very good, and the return on investment can be huge!

Like all insurance, it is better NOT to use it! But you never know. What if your team members get sick or are injured? What if they are in a remote area and need to be evacuated back to the States? If a team member needs to cut a trip short and return home early who will pay this? That is if the airlines will let them travel! What happens if they can not travel and they must stay?

If you’re planning to go on a mission trip or if you organize trips for others you want to make sure you and your team members are protected. Don’t put yourself or your team members at risk.

Your domestic insurance probably does not cover anything outside of the US. Some credit card offers coverage while traveling abroad but this is not going to protect the other team members and is it enough even for you? On Medicare? Good luck with that one!

Everyone NEEDS Travel Insurance!

Insuremytrip is a company that lets you compare rates and get just the type of coverage you need!  Click below and Save Money on Travel Insurance!

The best way to do Fundraising and keeping up with all of the money is using  Mission Minder!  No questions!  Just Do IT!

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